QSL SA is a meeting point for innovators, instigators and originators from different sectors and backgrounds. It is the new home for those who want to move our world forward: leader, artists, ecologists, philanthropists, makers, thinkers, dreamers and doers.


Africa is a continent of progressive thinkers and diverse communities. This growing movement has created the opportunity to focus, consolidate and foster creativity and partnerships, inspiring hope and prosperity for the entire continent.


QSL SA will be an incubator for Africa’s leading lights, an organic platform for ideas to be birthed, connections to be forged and for plans to be set in motion. Driven by an atmosphere of collaboration, it is the ideal space for great minds to continue to uplift, enhance and create.


Here, not everybody agrees but everybody shares values…and a positive vision for an African future they know they can influence.

All The Extras

Against this backdrop of immaculately designed interiors, QSL SA offers exceptional hospitality, facilities and world-class service. Club members have access to Michelin starred Chef Daniel Galmiche’s restaurant with private dining room, a lounge with a stage, bar and plunge pool, a mezzanine champagne bar with great views across Joburg’s skyline, a whisky and cigar lounge and a private screening room.

In addition, QSL South Africa offers:

24-hour reception and concierge
32 bedrooms
Rooftop bar
Kitchen with chef’s table
Secondary lounge and kitchen
Boardrooms with conferencing facilities
Meeting and work spaces
Smoking terraces
Male grooming suite
Artisanal retail and made-to-measure tailor service
Spa, massage and beauty treatment room
Gymnasium with lockers and showers
Complimentary Wi-Fi
An online membership portal with access to worldwide benefits

“The multi-functional rooms are designed to feel like they belong to an eccentric imaginary friend, a character with immeasurable taste, style and charm.”

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A Sense of Space

QSL SA is a tailored, exquisitely intimate and textured place. It has the familiar charm of a pied-à-terre, filled with obscure objects of desire and lifetime legacy The multi-functional rooms are designed to feel like they belong to an eccentric imaginary friend, a character with immeasurable taste, style and charm. This getaway could be a luxurious retreat or a robust engine room, a glamorous hangout or a quiet workspace, a friend’s apartment or an atmospheric late night party. It’s a home away from home.


This effortlessly understated, eclectically atypical approach will spark imagination and inspiration crafting the perfect environment for members to connect, create and conceptualise.

Thank you for you enquiry.
We are undergoing changes and therefore applications are currently closed and there is no room availability at this time. We will keep your email on record and be sure to update you with information on future development. Sincerely, Great Minds.